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Ambient Guitar Loop | Digitech DL4 | EHX SuperEgo+ | Fender Marine Layer Reverb

Category: Comedy
Duration: 00:07:55
Ambient Guitar Loop using Digitech DL4, EHX Superego+ and Fender Marine Layer Reverb. An experiment on stacking psychedelic ambients over a relaxing melody. Relaxation music.

I played this music using stacked loops & delay coming from my Line 6 DL4 through an Electro Harmonix Superego+ Synth. Everything dumped into a Digitech Jamman . . . several times with added wackiness. The opening delay riff is triggering a harmonized threshold ambient swell coming from the EHX Superego+. I really love that effect.

The guitar is a Fender American Standard Telecaster. The whole thing comes out of a Roland Jazz Chorus amp (both channels).

Sakura is an original composition by Deep Sleep Music and it appears on their Spotify Artist: Massage Therapy Music. This is really all I know about the tune, but I thought it would make a great Ambient Guitar cover. Here's the original track on Spotifiy:

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